Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bad Day!

The day started as any other typical school day might.  Hearing my alarm go off at 7:00am for an 8:00am class.  The alarm is set to repeat every 5 minutes in the event I happen to push the snooze button.  7 repetitions later of the alarm and I scramble into the shower for a quick rinse.  Scrambling out the door with 15 minutes to spare should give any student who lives in town enough time to get to class, yet somehow I manage to be late no matter what.  I've tried waking up earlier and getting to school on time and I always walk in a few minutes late.  However, today on my way my pickup was acting a bit funny and I figured it was due to the cold weather that night.  I managed to get to class on time, spent my 3 hours learning about how to teach students science and headed home for my hour lunch break. 
As I headed back to school with plenty of time to spare my pickup was acting up again.  I checked the gauges and everything looked ok, and I had checked my oil when I had gotten home for lunch.  I was running low on gas but I had tested it a few times and figured I would make it to class and get gas later.  No more than two blocks from home my pickup begins lurching and bucking down the street.  I rode the clutch to rev it a bit.  Pedestrians and other drivers probably thought I was still learning to drive a manual transmission.  6 blocks from campus and my truck dies at a stop sign, so I start it back up and creep to the side of the street.  I checked my clock and new if I didn't act quick I would be late.  This ordinarily wouldn't be a problem except I had three hours with a professor who gave a lecture on professionalism and being on time.  I had managed to be late the day before and had to report to him during one of our breaks.
 So I began to panic, hoping I would make it to campus.  I took a side road in the event I did completely break down.  My parent's house is located between campus and where I was at this point.  I figured I could possible get to their house and use the gas used for the lawn mower to limp my truck to campus.  WRONG!  One final lurch and my truck shut down right in the middle of the street.  I didn't know what to do and there was no way I was going to be late again so I put on my hazards and sprinted for my parent's house.  3 blocks later I am scrambling through drawers trying to find the keys to our shed which of course is locked today.  I find a key and sprint through the backyard to the shed and found a gas can.  The can was completely full ( which is a rarity), 5 gallons in all.  I didn't know what to do, so I picked it up, bear hugged it, and turned for my pickup.  Sprinting 3 blocks with a full gas can between your arms isn't easy, and its harder to keep all the gas in the can as your running for your 'academic standing'!  I arrive at my truck covered in gasoline and quickly put enough in to start my truck and speed off to school.
Normally when I see someone sprinting to class as the campus organs are playing, I think to myself- "Self, why would anyone run to class, there is no way its that important."  Well I now know why!  As the organ is playing the Star Wars theme song I am sprinting across campus hoping the clock in the class is slower than one that sets off the organs.  I sprint up the steps and down the hall and rush through the door out of breath and covered in gasoline.  I made it with less than thirty seconds to spare and was allowed to change my shirt too!


  1. I am glad that you included the picture of your truck to picture the scene even more. You wrote with voice to capture it well, and it made me laugh!

  2. That definitely does make for a bad day. This has happened to me before except I didn't run out of gas...and nothing was wrong with the truck. I'm just really bad at driving a manual. Bummer.