Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend Warriors

As my college career is slowly ending, I've reflected on these past years nearly daily.  Somehow through my long college experience between playing two different sports at two different schools, my struggles to stay enrolled, and now finally meeting goals I never thought I'd accomplish... I don't regret a single thing.  As most students find, time management and organization is everything.  However, with a group of buddies like mine, we find ways to play more than working on our school work.  Yet we have all been academic all-conference players, been accepted to programs training us for our future endeavors, and are happy.  We often laugh about our experience in regards to where we started as friends our freshman year to where we are now five years later.  Still best friends and still doing nearly the same thing.  As I thought about this, I began to write a few notes that turned into a poem of different experiences over the last five years  So... I'd like to share it with you and just maybe you can relate to a few things.

Weekend Warriors is what they call us
As we start early
JSDs for Tankard Thursday
A heavy buzz and the munchies surely
Friday brings a jump start
Class is out at two
Head to the store to fill a cooler
And begin to have a few
The day is long
And eyes get heavy
So we take a nap
For the night we're ready
Saturday comes too soon
As breakfast is made
We eat it up
Recalling the nights mistakes
We hang out all day
Eying the sun
As it sneaks away
Its time for some fun
We purchase our potion
Cases and bottles
Our vision is doubled
Strap on the Mountie Goggles
We head out
The night unfolds
We have no DD
So we start to walk home
Over the tracks
And down the road
To the party house out on Cove
The house is empty
So we head to bed
The sun’s coming up
Its Sunday we dread
Recuperate and Hydrate
Those are the goals
Weekend Warriors is what they call us
Or at least that’s what we’re told


  1. Congratulations on completing your college studies. What's next for you and for the Warriors??

  2. Well, one is in the OHSU Nursing program, another is coaching college football, one is working right now, the other looking for work, and I am going to be graduating next year in Elementary Education!