Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life is like driving a "Stick"

If life was a vehicle, I'd like mine to be stick shift because if you simply step on the gas, you'll go nowhere.  Instead if you remember...
    To Enjoy the process
    Take time to appreciate each stage (gear) of "life" to it's maximum
    The steps it takes to be full speed (Success)
    To Shift down and engage the clutch before you stop or you'll just kill it (Relax)
     How long it took you to get good at driving stick (Constant improvement/Growth)
    Your vehicle runs a little different than your neighbors ( Be You)

I feel that's taking advantage of your own life. 

This is the only "Car" you're going to get, so you better take good care of it and appreciate the fact that you're driving something and not walking because life will pass you by!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Very clever and meaningful!

  2. Insightful message! Except, what does it mean when you absolutely choke at driving a stick shift?? :-( really though, you've got me thinking about what it really means to improve and grow, that this takes time and commitment and if I choke at stick (or life)...I have to keep trying!! "Real life begins at the end of your comfort zone...and if you stumble, just make it apart of the dance!!!"

  3. That was a good message to send! I have never thought of life like this, and it makes complete sense to me!

  4. Well Carly, keep practicing, you'll get it ;) And I like your quote!