Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Since I was in about 5, I've despised squirrels more than I could attempt to write about.  It all started as a young boy when a kid in my class told me a story that his older sisters has told him.  The tale goes that a hunter was walking through the woods one day when he was attacked by squirrels.  They chewed off his ears, nose, and most of his fingers.  Looking back now, I was a fool to believe such a story.  After that I was sick one day and my mother was video taping me as many parents do when their children are little.  At one point a squirrel comes hopping through our yard and I immediately pulled up on the creature with my foam baseball bat.  I continued to make gun noises and when my mom asked my why I did that I replied " Because theeeeyyy scratch."  The home that I grew up in had to be squirrel headquarters of the town as there were hundreds, sometimes literally 5 or 6 chasing each other across the street at one time.  I tried to do some home removal by baiting them and sniping them with my pellet gun at one point, but my mom put a stop to that real quick.  Now the campus that I must walk through everyday is littered with the little devils as well, hundreds I would guess.  I will go out of my way to avoid them, giving them the right-away on the sidewalk.  You couldn't pay me to walk through a room of them!  $1,000,000,000 couldn't begin to get me to do it, no matter how small the room is!  I would do just about anything else other than that.  So folks, it is a real phobia, and its called Sciurophobia.


  1. Very funny post. I'm glad you've finally put a name to your phobia!